Pheasant Run Resort

The location selection process for DCS 2018 was significantly longer than years' past
for a number of reasons and the maximum added value was provided by this location.

Pheasant Run Resort was sold a number of years ago, and a new investment firm and
new management team is in place. The entire resort is in the process of improvement.
The hotel's Tower Rooms have been renovated and other areas have been refurbished
including the lobby, hallways, ballrooms, and both the indoor and outdoor pools.

The DeLorean Car Show for 2006 was held in the DuPage Expo Center and in big tents
behind the Expo, which has since been sold off and re-built into a new VW Dealership.
The Mega Center has similar Main Floor footage as Prairie Capital Convention Center
from DCS 2016 and significantly more footage than the DuPage Expo Center in 2006.

The Mega Center has received a number of upgrades as well, including a tan coating on
the floor (similar to DMC Midwest, for reference) and new lighting for the Main Floor.
Under the new management, the Mega Center has hosted the Midwest Mecum Auction
and several annual car shows, including the Midwest Pontiac Show for several years.

The Resort also has a recently refurbished theater (seats over 300) that DCS plans to use
for screening Tamir Ardon's DeLorean Documentary, which is scheduled for 2018 release,
along with other screening requests, such as Steve Concotelli's OUTATIME documentary.
The theater also allows DCS an alternate location for our Keynote Speaker presentations.

We just received a request to debut another DeLorean documentary release at DCS 2018.

More details to follow.


Baltria Automotive

The adjacent auto restoration shop across the street from the Pheasant Run Resort will
allow DCS 2018 to have a Full-Day, Hands-on Tech Session Day during the convention.
Baltria Automotive has 12 lifts, indoor showroom and covered outdoor showroom area.
We plan to do on-lift inspections, door adjustments, install demos and other minor work.